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Dr. Carl Scarbrough
Superintendent of Schools

All students will have the opportunity to become responsible citizens, develop creative and independent thinking, acquire 21st century skills, and be FUTURE READY to enter post-secondary careers and/or education

Provide a quality educational experience and comprehensive support system that focuses on rigor, relevance, and relationships to promote high levels of success for all students.

We believe:
• in being a servant leader - that we exist to help others realize their goals
• that all students can learn to their fullest potential
• in collaboration, commitment to team, and building collective efficacy
• that providing engaging, relevant, and inspiring instruction promotes student success

We strive:
• to model high expectations and to build positive and productive relationships
• for excellence through a continuous improvement systems approach
We understand that mission accomplishment must be balanced with staff welfare
We value life-long learning

• Integrity
• Dedication
• Compassion

• Student Centered
• Equitable
• Service Oriented
• Accountable
• Legal/Ethical
• Enjoyment

District Goals & Priorities
Executive Cabinet Team
Anna Holmgreen, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction

Guillermo "Willie" Ruiz, Chief Operations Officer

David O. Flores, Chief Financial Officer

Erika Vasquez, Executive Director of School Improvement

Graciela Garcia, Executive Director of Special Education

Dr. Alma Garcia, Executive Director of Federal Programs

Ofelia Hunter, Public Information Officer
Community Partners
Staff Members