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Alice students' History Day projects statebound

By Pete Garcia

Students competed at TAMUK

Alice ISD students from Alice High School, William Adams Middle School and Dubose and Memorial Intermediate Schools showed projects at the Coastal Bend Regional History Day at Texas A&M University-Kingsville Saturday.

Several of those students qualified to show their history projects at the state level next.

The students were:

Junior Level

Juan Garcia, Jaime Garza, Lucas Walker, Ezekiel Martinez for Group Documentary/ Space Race (State qualifier)

Megan Salinas for Individual Documentary/ Tesla Tower (State qualifier)

Cameron Timmons for Individual Documentary/ China’s One Child Policy (State qualifier)

Kaident Fernandez for IndividualWebsite/ Stan Lee: Breaking Comic Book Barriers (State qualifier)

Gabriel Molina for Individual Website/ U.S. Constitution: Breaking Barriers in History

Jaelynn Carlton for Individual Website/ How Online Shopping in Changing the Economy, One Click at a Time (State alternate)

Olivia Garza and Rylee Weir for Group Performance/ Female Soldier (State qualifier)

Anissa Flores, Caleb Flores, Tristan Quintana and Emily Rivadeneyra for Group Performance/ Rosa Parks (State qualifier, Memorial Intermediate)

Mia Garcia, Lexis Hernandez, Celeste Herrera, Isabella Pena, Stephanie Solis Group Performance/ Rosa Parks (State alternate)

Brooke Castillo and Liana Garcia for Group Exhibit/ Susan B. Anthony (State qualifier)

Tara Gonzalez and Danielle Gonzalez for Group Exhibit/ Brown vs the Board of Education (State qualifier)

Rhianna Amador, Gabriella Gonzalez and Deidra Lopez for Group Exhibit/ Ruby Bridges (State alternate)

Kloe Fox for Individual Exhibit/ Martin Luther: An Idea that Changed the World (State qualifier)

Jacob Gonzalez for Individual Exhibit/ Moses Fleetwood Walker: Breaking the Color Barrier in Professional Baseball (State qualifier)

Aden Tunchez for Individual Exhibit/ D-Day: Landing at Normandy (State Qualifier, Dubois Intermediate)

Senior Level

John Lemon for Individual Performance (State qualifier)

Joncarlo Lomas and Aiden Rosadillo Wilde for Group Exhibit (State alternate)

Celeste Torres and Isela Torres for Group Website (State qualifier)

Lauren Bunch for Research Paper (State qualifier)

Samara Mendoza for Research Paper (State qualifier)

Marco Ruiz for Individual Exhibit (State qualifier)

Grabiel Silva for Research Paper (State alternate)

Samantha Pierce for Individual Exhibit (State qualifier)

Thomas Hinojosa and Abel Martinez for Group Exhibit (State qualifier)

Zach Vela for Individual Website (State qualifier)

Jacquelyne Perez Saenz and Betty-Mae Rodriguez for Group Performance (State qualifier)

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