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over 3 years ago

Superintendent of Schools: Dr. Grace Everett
Chairperson: Velma Soliz-Garcia
Co-Chairperson: Marta Salazar
Ad Hoc Members: Anna Holmgreen, Erika Vasquez, Marta Salazar, Elida Deleon, Ric Gonzalez, Gracie Garcia, Dr. Alma Garcia

AHS Professional: Katie Barrera
AHS Non-Teaching Professional: Tamara Blair
WAMS Professional: Sandra Garcia
WAMS Non-Teaching Professional: Dr. Judy Holmgreen
Dubose Professional: David Caballero
Memorial Professional: Rose Fuentes
Memorial Non-Teaching Professional: Kimberly Rodriguez
MRG Professional: Blanca Garza
Hillcrest Professional: Melisa Garcia-Garcia
Noonan Professional: Lori Trafton
Saenz Professional: 
Salazar Professional: Edna Pena
Schallert Professional: Trisha Davis
Schallert Non-Teaching Professional: Dr. Stephanie Ashworth
Business Representatives: Cha Cha Leal & Giancarlo Nisimblat
Parent Representatives: Crimson Fundling
Community Members: 


over 3 years ago

In compliance with Education Code 11.251, the District planning and decision-making committee shall advise the Board or its designee in establishing and reviewing the District’s educational goals, objectives, and major District Wide classroom instructional programs identified by the Board or its designee. The committee shall serve exclusively in an advisory role except that the committee shall approve staff development of a Districtwide nature. {BQA (LOCAL)}

The committee shall include representative professional staff, parents of students enrolled in the District, business representatives, and community members. {BQA (LEGAL)}