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Dr. Alma Charles

about 1 month ago

Superintendent Message

I am proud to be back in Alice, Texas.  I was born and raised in Alice and it is a true blessing to be serving the community and students in my Alma Mater at Alice Independent School District.  My vision is simple, As One Team with One Dream…we can transform Alice Independent School District into a high performing school district and continue the Coyote pride and tradition.  

I thank the community of Alice for supporting my transition into Superintendent of Schools and for believing in me to lead OUR district.  I began my career as a paraprofessional over 25 years ago in Alice ISD at Dubose Middle School.  I have been blessed with a multitude of experiences that I can help implement here to improve our school system.  As I work with our dedicated board, I ask that the community support the changes we make so that we can reach the status of being a high performing school district.

My goals for the year will be foundational in nature, first and foremost, literacy.  Our children must be able to read at grade level to be successful in life.  Secondly, implementing response to intervention (RtI) with fidelity so that our children receive the appropriate support they need to be successful.  And lastly, culture change.  Prior to applying for the position, I visited with many of Alice residents who told me that they wanted change, therefore,  I will need support from the community as changes are made to processes, procedures, programs, etc.  

It is going to be a great year because I know that in Alice, Texas, the community cares about its students and they show up to lend a helping hand.  I look forward to working with the community.

Once a Coyote, Always a Coyote!

Dr. Alma Charles

Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent's Office Staff

Student and Parent Complaints / Grievances

The board encourages students and parents to discuss their concerns and complaints through informal conferences with the appropriate teacher, principal or other campus administrator.

Concerns should be expressed as soon as possible to allow early resolution at the lowest possible administrative level. If an informal conference regarding a complaint fails to reach the outcome requested by the student/parents, the student/parent may initiate the formal process described below by filing a written complaint form.


Student and Parent Complaints Grievances FNG Local

Student Parent Complaint Form - Level One Exhibit A

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