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It’s time for Quintoberfest!
Let’s celebrate student progress before

Week 1:
Each week we will send out a short (less than three minute) video challenge. No obligations – no requirements - no forms to fill out – no reports to make – simply an invitation to learn from kids and their teachers and to share what you learned.

Week 2:
This week is about recognizing ALL students for making progress in their learning. 100% of our students can “Level Up” this year with encouragement and recognition for their hard work.

Send us your pictures to help us recognize creativity and success on the Pinterest wall. As always, let us know how we can help

Week 3:
This week – it’s all about the kids in Quintile 3. Learn from the kids – take a gratitude walk – tweet it to the world - #quintoberfest.

Thanks to Justin Richardson from Canyon ISD for starring in this edition! Maybe a little district competition is in order?

Week 4:

How about those kids in quintile 4! They are generally stronger performing students – kids who need a challenging learning environment. Although many passed STAAR, some did not meet progress. Let’s explore how great teachers get all students to think at deep levels.

Use the PLC for PLC menu to guide your work!

Special thanks to the leadership team at Sanchez Elementary in McAllen, TX for creating this week’s challenge.

Remember to tweet your learning at #quintoberfest!

Quintile 5:

Really smart kids who need fewer, but deeper questions.
We need to model error making and persistence as these kids typically give up early when they don’t give the answer the first time.
Ask them for viable, alternate responses.
Praise them when they push themselves and keep going beyond the first error.

For Rigor:
Ask them what they do when the work is really hard. What do they do first, and then...and then...What if that doesn’t work?

For Relevance:
What did you do in class last week that you think you’ll be using in 10 years? Explain what you mean.

For Relationships:
What is one thing your teacher does that helps you work harder for that class than you do for the other classes? Why does that make a difference in your efforts?