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Serving Children With Special Needs
The goal of the Special Education Department of Alice ISD is to provide students with disabilities valuable educational experiences that prepare them for the future. Each student with a disability has the opportunity to participate in appropriate educational settings designed to meet his/her individual needs. Services are provided in the least restrictive environment that allows access to the general education curriculum and instruction with non-disabled peers to the extent that is appropriate for the student.
The mission of the special education department is to:
• facilitate positive educational experiences for students
• provide students access to a wide array of educational options and programs in order for them to gain the knowledge and skills necessary for successful life transitions
• Educate students in the least restrictive environment to the maximum extent possible
Executive Director of Special Education
Executive Director of Special Education
Gracie Garcia
361-664-0981 Ext 1025
Staff Members
I am excited to share that we begin our fourth year with the VGo technology program. Our district utilizes a Brooke’s Bot for one of our homebound students. This technology is a robot named after a young girl, Brooke Hester. Brooke’s Bot helps one of our intermediate homebound students stay connected with classroom instruction, as well as experience peer interaction, during a time when it is not possible for her to physically attend class in the school environment. Brooke’s Bot allows our student to log in, interact live-time, and be an active participant in her class via technology.

Prior to implementation of the robot in the classrooms, I provide a short informational presentation to the classrooms that will utilize the VGo and introduce them to my Homebound student. I find that they too, become excited to be able to participate and engage with their classmate via the Bot.

In order to assure our continued participation in this wonderful program, each year we must ensure that we are in compliance with all criteria, eligibility requirements and qualifications. I feel privileged to be a part of this program, and I can see the benefits every time I hear my student express how she feels to be a part of her campus.

Brenda Blum
Special Education
Homebound Teacher Alice ISD

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