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The following link will take you to a Math Newsletter written by Anna Holmgreen, Director of Instructional Services for Math. In the newsletter, she explains the changes in the state standards for K - 8th grade students.   Math Newsletter

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Click on the "Parent Gradebook - Login" link listed in the Quick links box. There you will find the steps on how to create your new accounts located on the login page. You can also click on the following "New User-TxConnect" link if you want to print out the instructions.    New User TxConnect


about 1 year ago

All Subjects

BrainPop Jr

    • Grades K – 3
    • Requires Log-in
    • Science, Health, Reading & Writing, Math, Social Studies, Arts, & Technology activities

 Fun Brain

    • Some free activities
    • Contains activities for Math and Reading


    • Free Resource
    • Allows students to play educational games to earn points

 Soft Schools

    • Free Resource
    • Contains activities for numerous subjects
    • Pre-K through High School

 Study Island

    • WAMS and AHS Students have access to this resource
    • Requires a log-in

Educational Activities

Building :

    • Students are able to create their own Lego world using Google Chrome
    • Free Resource
    • Google Chrome needs to be installed on your computer first

Code Academy

    • Another free resource!!
    • Students follow simple steps to learn how coding works and what is involved in the process


    • Students can practice computer programming and coding
    • Videos are available to show what students are able to do and walk them through the steps
    • Free resource!!

 PBS Kids

    • Free Resource available for parents/students
    • Geared towards younger students

 Dance Mat Typing

    •  Students are able to practice typing with four interactive levels
    •  Free Resource!!!

Typing Web

    • Free online typing tutor & keyboarding tutorial
    • Available for all skill levels 

Virtual Field Trips around the world

    • Students are able to click on the link and choose their grade level

Language Arts

Spelling City

    • Free Resource!!!!
    • Allows students to take spelling tests, play games, create flash cards


Book Adventure

    • Free Resource!!!
    • Allows students to have access to over 3,000 books and gets rewards & points by completing quizzes


    • Students still have access to their accounts from the school year
    • Their log-in is their student ID number
    • Students can practice their reading and writing skills.


    • Requires a log-in
    • Library of books for students to read 

 Reading Plus

    • Requires a log-in
    • Grades 3 and up
    • Helps students understand how, what, and why students read while broadening interests and building knowledge


    • Free Resource!!!
    • Grades PK – K
    • Students can practice their ABS’s, learn to read, and read a variety of books

 TumbleBook Library

    • A free trial is available
    • An online collection of animated, talking picture books which teach young children the joys of reading
    • Some campuses have access to this resource and have given their students log-ins


Khan Academy

    • Free Resource!!!!
    • Amazing math videos to show students how to do various math concepts
    • You will have to create a registration for your student to start using it

 Math Connects

    • Free Resource!!!
    • For Grades K-5th
    • Online version of current student edition of textbook
    • Contains Student Worksheets

 Math Pickle

    • Puzzles for your students to complete to help them think outside of the box

 The World of Online Math

    • Free math lessons
    • Help section for parents

 Think Through Math

    • Students still have access to their accounts from the school year
    • Their log-in is their student ID number

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