Superintendent's Corner

I feel very blessed to have been offered the position of Superintendent for Alice ISD.  Since I am originally from San Diego, Texas, I am very familiar with the community, its culture, and the schools’ needs. I have several goals I would like to achieve in the district: 1) initiate a needs assessment at each campus, 2) address the overall and individual needs of students, 3) establish goals to address federal and state accountability, and 4) develop staff members so that together we can be successful.

My goals for the district will be guided by my philosophy of education.  I believe educators should enter the schools with only the highest of expectations for their students. I also think administrators should have the same expectations for their teachers and staff and should lead by example.  With respect, trust, confidence, knowledge, dedication and hard work much can be accomplished in a school district.  One of my personal goals is to bring an open mind, a positive attitude, and high expectations to the district in order to develop well-rounded, highly successful students.

With determination anyone can be successful. In the case of Alice ISD, it will take all personnel working as a team towards the same goals.  The district does have a few issues to address, but overall I believe we have excellent teachers and staff members and knowledgeable campus and central office leaders who are willing and able to work to ensure the academic success of all students. I invite the parents and community members of Alice to help in our efforts to be successful.