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District of Innovation

Term 2018-2019 through 2022-2023
During the 84th Texas Legislative Session, HB 1842, was passed in order to provide more local control in certain areas. HB 1842 allows a traditional public school to utilize the exemptions in the Texas Education Code (TEC) that charter schools currently are entitled to claim. We feel this is an opportunity for our local district to create a plan based on the needs of our students and community that could remain in effect for up to five years. This plan can also be amended during its term in order to accommodate other areas of innovation if a need presents itself. Amendment of this plan must follow the same process as the original development and adoption and will not extend the term of the original plan.


Make a commitment to support those who have been hurt or harmed, treat others with kindness, be more accepting of people’s difference, and help include those who are left out.
William Adams Middle School PTA Fundraiser
  • Noonan Elementary-Red Ribbon Week October 22-31, 2018
  • Schallert Elementary-Red Ribbon Week October 22-31, 2018
  • Saenz Elementary-Red Ribbon Week October 22-31, 2018
  • WAMS-Red Ribbon Week October 22-31, 2018